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Thank you for choosing our correction service. Please, make sure you submit your work based on the following checklist:

  • Type your essay/report/letter in a Microsoft Word file(Max. file size: 2 MB)
  • Include your name and the task on top of your essay, report, or letter in the file.
  • Submit each task separately, NOT all in one email or one Word file. That can be confusing.

Please, note that our service does not include answering follow-up questions after the correction.

Steps ahead:

  1. Pay the fee based on the number of words and take a snapshot of your receipt, please.
  2. Submit your essay/report/letter via the Correction Form.
  3. Get your feedback within 3 business days (on Thursdays and Fridays, the system is off).
Pricing and Payment
Type Desc. Fee Pay
Task 1 Up to 200 Words 120,000 Tomans

Pay via ZarrinPal

Or deposit your payment to:
“6037-9982-1393-9068 | Melli Bank”

Task 2 Up to 300 Words 150,000 Tomans
Up to 350 Words 200,000 Tomans
Up to 400 Words 250,000 Tomans
Up to 450 Words 300,000 Tomans
NOTICE: Take a snapshot of your receipt, please. (jpg, jpeg, png, Up to 2MB)

evaluator's Note:

I will examine all your essays, reports, or letters, but remember that I am a writing teacher, not an IELTS examiner. Therefore, the overestimation or underestimation of your marks is a possible outcome. Moreover, you should know that I do not just mark your writing. I will also leave comments on different aspects of it to help you understand how well you have done.

محمد محمدی‌تبار

We can accept only a limited number of writings per week, and for now, our capacity is full.

Submissions will be accepted in


Correction Form

* Accepted receipt file types: jpg, jpeg, png (Max. file size: 2 MB)