IELTS Correction Service

IELTS Correction Service

Thank you for choosing our correction service. Please, make sure you submit your work based on the following checklist:

  • Type your essay/report/letter in a Microsoft Word file.
  • Include your name and the task on top of your essay, report, or letter in the file.
  • Rename your file under your name. (e.g., Mohammad Mohammaditabar Correction Service No. 1)
  • Include your name inside your file as well.
  • Submit each task separately, NOT all in one email or one Word file. That can be confusing.

Your essay, report, or letter is marked by an IELTS writing teacher, NOT by an IELTS examiner. Therefore, although the marks often accurately predict your real scores in an IELTS test, they can sometimes be under or overestimated.

Steps ahead:

  1. Pay the fee based on the number of words and take a snapshot of your receipt, please.
  2. Submit your essay/report/letter via the Correction Form.
  3. Get your feedback within 3 business days (on Thursdays and Fridays, the system is off).

Pricing and Payment

Task 1Up to 200 Words80,000 Tomans

Pay via ZarrinPal

Take a snapshot of your receipt, please.

Task 2Up to 300 Words100,000 Tomans
Up to 350 Words120,000 Tomans
Up to 400 Words150,000 Tomans
Up to 450 Words200,000 Tomans

Correction Form

Please, note that our service does not include answering follow-up questions after the correction.